Self-Advocacy Guides & Toolkits

HOPE is proud to share these self-advocacy guides on several new, emerging topics in fair housing. 

Guide & Advocacy Toolkit

Eviction Record

Explore resources for those seeking housing with an eviction record.

Click above and follow the flowchart for detailed resources on how to approach the housing search with an eviction on your record. (Includes how to find out if you have a public eviction record, sample letters for how to advocate for yourself with a housing provider, how to dispute incorrect information with a credit company, and more.)

Tools created in partnership with HOPE Fair Housing Center and Legal Aid Chicago. 

Guide & Advocacy Toolkit

Home Appraisal

Learn about your rights while having your home’s value appraised. 

Guide & Advocacy Toolkit

Arrest & Conviction Record

Explore protections and resources for those seeking housing with a previous arrest or conviction record.

Guide & Advocacy Toolkit

Source of Income

Check out information and resources on protections regarding source of income. This toolkit was made in partnership with the Illinois Coalition for Fair Housing.