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2020-2021 Full Year Downstate Illinois Fair Housing VISTA

Position Duties : Overarching Duties: 1. Research individual communities in downstate Illinois to determine current resources available to residents, potential in-kind partnerships, and develop needs analysis for fair housing outreach. Document all findings and meet with supervisor to plan next steps. 2. Research new funding opportunities and grants. 3. Determine viability and necessity of a satellite office for HOPE in downstate Illinois. Education and Outreach Deliverables: 1. Participate in at least one resource fair a quarter in order to boost awareness of our organization to residents in downstate Illinois. This activity will be done in tandem with the primary objective’s second activity. 2. Organize at least one fair housing educational training with members of the community per quarter. 3. Participate in at least one resource fair each quarter, in order to meet representatives from other organizations and establish HOPE as an organization that is willing to help the community.

This position must be applied for through the My AmeriCorps Portal.



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