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The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in all housing transactions. In 2020, the National Fair Housing Alliance reported that 6.75% of all fair housing complaints filed the previous year involved discrimination on the basis of sex.

Discrimination on the basis of sex may look like:

  • Offering to lower rent in exchange for sexual favors
  • Only showing housing units to prospective tenants of a certain sex
  • Evicting a tenant for being a victim of domestic violence or for calling the police on a domestic abuser

Laws that protect against discrimination on the basis of sex (Click name to view):

Domestic Violence

Survivors of domestic and sexual violence often face housing discrimination because of the violence committed against them. Such discrimination can include being denied admission to, or being evicted from, housing due to acts of violence committed against survivors. This discrimination jeopardizes housing security for survivors and their families who are leaving abusive situations.  In addition to discrimination by landlords, many localities across the country have adopted what are known as “nuisance” or “crime-free” ordinances, which place pressure on landlords to evict survivors for simply calling the police seeking protection from an abuser.

Because the overwhelming majority of domestic violence survivors are women, they are protected by the federal Fair Housing Act’s prohibition on sex discrimination. Therefore, policies and practices that target or otherwise discriminate against women because of their status as domestic violence survivors are likely illegal under the FHA.

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