Retrofit Funding

***Please note – At this time we have temporarily suspended taking applications for project funding. If you have questions about this program or an ongoing project, please contact Rachel Watson at ***

Home Alterations for Increased Accessibility Funding Application

HOPE Fair Housing Center currently has designated funds to help people with accessibility issues within their living space. We are giving retrofit grants of up to $15,000 per household. These funds can be used to address issues that affect the health or safety of their families. Check out our guide below on the process of receiving funding.

Part 01

Have An Eligible Project

These can include grab bars, chair lift, handicap accessible showers, lowering cabinets, lowering countertops, widening doorways and ramps. If you have a different modification in mind, please call our office at 630-690-6500.

Part 02

Meet Our Income Requirements

Households must meet our low-income eligibility requirements. Households can make no more than:

1 Person Households: $49,950

2 Person Households: $57,050

3 Person Households: $64,200

4 Person Households: $71,300

5 Person Households: $77,050

6 Person Households: $82,750

Part 03

Submit An Application

Fill out this application and email the completed form to

Part 04

Complete The Project

If your application is approved, you will be contacted by someone from HOPE. Once contacted, HOPE will work with you and a licensed contractor (if applicable) to complete the approved modifications.

Part 05

Submit Proof To Recieve Funds

After the project is finished, send a picture of the completed project to your HOPE contact, along with any receipts you may have. If you hired a contractor to complete the project, HOPE can pay them directly. If you have any additional questions about the payment or overall process, please call our office at 630-690-6500.



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