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Need Help? Your Rights and What To Do

How HOPE Can Help:

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We can provide you with information regarding your rights and responsibilities related to your housing matter. If we find that your housing matter may involve discrimination, one of our staff will conduct an investigation. If your housing matter does not involve discrimination, we can provide you with helpful referrals.

  • We listen to your experience
  • Evaluate your case
  • Inform you of your rights and options

When Appropriate HOPE Can:

  • Investigate your claim of housing discrimination;
  • Assist you with the filing of HUD complaint;
  • Help resolve your case;
  • Refer your case to attorneys who are experts in fair housing litigation.

Housing Discrimination is Illegal!

If you feel you are being treated unfairly, take the following steps:

  • Document in writing meetings and phone calls with landlords, property managers, real estate agents, loan officers and insurance agents.
  • Keep detailed records as to what was said and the outcome.
  • Save all receipts, copies of applications, business cards and other documents.
  • Call HOPE Fair Housing Center
    Toll Free: 1-877-HOPE FHC
  • HOPE does not charge for its investigative services.