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It's true that "one picture is worth a thousand words." And that's just one of the reasons why so many friends of fair housing use the photographs, post cards, note cards, murals, bookmarks and DVDs of HOPE's previous executive director, Bernard J. Kleina, to tell a story, illustrate a point or to "melt the frozen rivers of the heart."

If you want to educate, inspire, motivate or bring out the best in your clients, friends and supporters; and perhaps even those still hostile to what you do, contact HOPE. We can help! It is difficult to find stories more compelling that those of women and men like Okainer, Cheryl, Mama Lily, Spencer, Carl and Rene.

Ask about these DVDs:

Copyright: Bernard J. Kleina
  • Rental and Sales Housing Discrimination,
  • Housing Choice Voucher Assistance Programs,
  • Real Estate Advertising,
  • Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr,
  • Lending Discrimination, Fair Housing Training and Testing,
  • Trial Aid for Attorneys and Fair Housing Staffs,
  • Racial Segregation

For more information about purchasing these videos and DVD's please contact HOPE via Contact Us or call 630-690-6500.