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Here is what some of HOPE's clients are saying about us:

"I appreciated the quick phone answer, the response to my email, and the friendly service!"
Michael had concerns about disclosing his familial status when signing his lease. He and his partner were expecting twins, via a surrogate. They were concerned because the lease asked to list other people occupying the apartment. They were worried because the lease had a provision regarding disturbing neighbors and they were not sure if their new infants would be considered a disturbance. HOPE informed the Michael that familial status is a protected class and therefore they did not need to disclose that they were expecting twins. Michael also had concerns that by not disclosing the twins on the current lease that a problem may arise the next year when they wanted to renew the lease. HOPE also informed Michael that he may not be denied renewal based on his familial status and that if he did experience problems in the renewal process he should contact HOPE for further assistance.

"The highly knowledgeable and efficient staff at HOPE are a pleasure to work with. They are able to resolve issues quickly and effectively. However, what impressed us beyond their technical abilities was their empathy and dedication. HOPE expedited the process for reinstatement to the waiting list as a reasonable accommodation."
Amy has multiple disabilities and the Housing Authority removed her from their Section 8 waiting list. The client had been on the waiting list for four years and was struggling with homelessness. Amy received a postcard stating she would be at the top of list soon. Sometime later, the Housing Authority sent a letter to the wrong address, informing of her removal from the list. The client was not able to respond to any of the letters sent due to her disabilities. Amy's aunt contacted HOPE, and HOPE requested a reasonable accommodation from the housing authority to provide notice to Amy's aunt have Amy reinstated on the waiting list. The housing authority complied and Amy was able to return to her spot on the list.

"When we see our son playing in his new yard, happily, free from the noise, we know we could never thank HOPE enough!"
Cindy lived close to train tracks and an airport. Her son suffers from a sensory processing disorder and was unable to go outside due to all of the noise from the trains and airplanes. Cindy wanted to break her lease so she could move to a home where her son would be able to go outside. Cindy offered her landlord 3 months rent and had another renter ready to move into her apartment. But her landlord refused to let her break her lease. Cindy contacted HOPE to request help. Due to her son's disability, HOPE was able to successfully request a reasonable accommodation to have Cindy's lease terminated early without penalty.